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The Fresno Deputy Sheriff’s Association was organized in 1973 to give members of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office the opportunity for fair representation based on the Peace Officer Bill of Rights. The FDSA was also organized to give a group of Deputy Sheriffs the opportunity to collectively bargain with the County of Fresno for wages, benefits, and working conditions.

End of Watch

The Fresno County Sheriff's Office commemorates the death of Deputy Jeffrey Sean Isaac

Jeffrey Sean Isaac

EOW: September 8, 1997

Today we honor a fallen Fresno County Sheriff Deputy Jeff Isaac who was killed in the line of duty, Sept 8, 1997 – a solo vehicle accident near the City of Reedley CA, and only minutes from where Jeff and his family lived.

To date we still don’t really know what happened the night of the vehicle accident which took Jeff’s life. Many of you hired with Jeff were working the night he was killed. The heartbreaking thing about is Jeff was alive and talking at the crash site. Jeff died as a result of the crash at UMC Hospital. Jeff left behind a young family, along with loving parents and siblings who I know miss him deeply each day.

Jeff was such a great guy and was very well liked by the community he served. Jeff cared about the community he lived in. I saw this quality first hand on many occasions while working as a partner with Jeff back in my days as a 108 reserve. Those of you who worked around Jeff remember that quality. We still talk about him today and miss him dearly.

Spencer and Chantelle, Jeff’s children, have grown up to be beautiful and successful adults. Spencer recently graduated from North Carolina State University. Jeff Isaac was an honorable man and it shows through his children as well through his family.

Take the time today to remember Jeff.

We will always honor him and we will never forget him. God Bless

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A Message from the President, September 2018

Happy fall season to all of you! Reminder for those of you working in patrol – shift signups will be on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 starting at 7:30am. Those of you signing up will receive a conformation email as to your exact time slot grouping. Your seniority numbers will all be confirmed as they are each year. If there should be a problem/question with the seniority number please get in touch with me.