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The Fresno Deputy Sheriff’s Association was organized in 1973 to give members of the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office the opportunity for fair representation based on the Peace Officer Bill of Rights. The FDSA was also organized to give a group of Deputy Sheriffs the opportunity to collectively bargain with the County of Fresno for wages, benefits, and working conditions.

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Today we honor fallen Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputy Joel Wahlenmaier

Today we honor fallen Fresno County Sheriff’s Deputy Joel Wahlenmaier who was gunned down during the service of a search warrant in the Fresno County town of Minkler, on February 25, 2010.

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Many of you have discussed with me AB931. I have discussed this at FDSA meetings, briefings, parking lot conversation, and to many of our elected officials – both State and local elected officials in an attempt to make it very known that changing language in PC 835a will be handcuffing us from not only our safety but from doing our job.

I am proud to say that our central valley delegation, including those on the central coast of California is not interested in making our jobs harder. In fact, it is quite the opposite. They want us to have the tools and resources to be safer each and every day.

Since this legislation was introduced in May of this year, the efforts have been tireless to get it rescinded, and actually have a competent conversation with the authors who slapped this together on the heels of the officer involved shooting that occurred in Sacramento. Below I have put together somewhat of a timeline and a little backstory, explanation, helpers, and ultimately where the bill stands today.

This bill showed the coalitions that can be formed overnight in law enforcement in order to save law and order.

Here is a statement the coalition has put out regarding AB931

Statement on AB 931

When Assemblywoman Dr. Shirley Weber introduced AB 931, she did not consult with anybody in law enforcement. Since its introduction, a coalition of police chiefs, sheriffs, and rank-and-file law enforcement groups have been working continuously to educate legislators and the public on why the bill is bad for public safety.   

At the request of legislative leadership, the law enforcement coalition including the California Police Chiefs Association, the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, the Los Angeles Police Protective League, and the Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC), provided Assemblywoman Weber not only input, but a meaningful and comprehensive set of amendments.

It is both disappointing and revealing to see that Ms. Weber who has a doctorate in communications issued a press release late Friday afternoon falsely claiming that law enforcement has not provided any suggestions regarding police use of force. This is simply not true. The refusal of Dr. Weber to acknowledge the coalitions input and suggestions raises questions about her motives and shows continued hostility toward law enforcement.

Your law enforcement leadership throughout the State of California has been working day in and day out to counter Ms. Weber’s false information being communicated to the press and ultimately the public.

You will see in the next months, as part of our plan – taking a mobile Use of Force simulator around the State and inviting local elected officials to participate in this realistic training.

We all know the falsehoods surrounding the accusations made against law enforcement officers by people like Ms. Shirley Weber. Calling out cops as racists, murderers, etc. This is such a lack of respect and shows one’s true meaning to what they believe in, while portraying an unbiased approach to the public when its election time. Ms. Weber should be ashamed and embarrassed of her words and actions when speaking about the men and women who ultimately will take a bullet to protect someone they will never know.

Assembly Bill 931

Legislation is being amended daily in some circumstances and meetings and conference calls are becoming a blur. First and foremost, PORAC has to thank Randy Perry and Aaron Read along with the Aaron Read and Associates staff for doing a fantastic job. With that said, the coalition of LE groups has worked exceptionally well on fighting the rhetoric from Dr. Shirley Weber and the ACLU on AB 931. Also, a thank you to all the legal staff within PORAC who have been invaluable in crafting our message to the folks in Sacramento. Lastly, a thank you to PORAC President Brian Marvel for all the work he put into this since May, our PORAC Board of Directors for getting our message out to the Associations and their members who sent in emails and talked to their elected officials.

I have not attached the current version of AB 931. I am in the process of getting it on the FDSA website so you can read it. However, you can still pull it up under the State of California website and read it, in its entirety.

As you are all aware, Assemblywoman Dr. Shirley Weber and sponsors never consulted anyone in law enforcement prior to the release of her legislation. A coalition of LE groups, Chiefs, Sheriffs, and rank and file have worked diligently to educate our legislators and the public on why the bill is bad for public safety. Even though we didn’t have a seat at the table with Dr Weber and the ACLU, the legislative leadership asked input. The Coalition spent many hours providing a meaningful, comprehensive and workable set of amendments. Sadly, Dr Weber decided to release a press release on Friday, August 17, 2018 claiming we (PORAC) did not provide any suggestions and she had amended her own bill. Needless to say, just like the roll out, we were not provided a copy until later that evening after the news cycle.

I have attached our working talking points as of today. I know as an organization, we are committed to collaboratively working with the legislators, stakeholders and members of our community on this issue. During this time frame (roughly three weeks) PORAC has generated over 25,000 emails to our State Senators asking them to kill the bill.

This went out nationally earlier today to generate some additional emails -

As I have stated before, this is an all hands on deck issue.

We have been told the ACLU has just purchased a huge radio ad campaign this week in Sacramento and LA. The commercials are very disingenuous but I am not surprised at this point.

The state legislature is nearing its Friday (08/31/18) deadline to pass legislation for the Governor’s consideration so we will not stop until we know for certain this bill is dead.


On Tuesday 08/28/18, PORAC President Brian Marvel had a meeting with Senate Pro Tem Toni Atkins to discuss the future of AB 931. As most of you are aware, the fight to keep AB 931 from the floor was a huge back and forth battle between the proponents and the LE coalition (PORAC/Chiefs/LAPPL/ALADS/Sheriffs, etc.). Speaking with Brian today (Tuesday 08/28/18) it was his belief that it was 50/50 – if this bill would be sent to the floor for a vote.

I am happy to report that the Pro Tem is going to hold the bill in the Rules Committee.

I can tell you that this was not an easy decision on her behalf and she is going to take a lot of arrows from the proponents over the next few months. I am extremely grateful for her decision on many levels.

First and foremost, it gives us time to take a step back, regroup and discuss how we move forward. We cannot rest on our heels and think this is even remotely going away. If we do nothing, it will be ten times worse next year. That is why I (FDSA) is committed to continuing the communication with our delegation and continuing to pass on our input to PORAC who will continue working with the LE coalition and the Pro Tem’s office to craft legislation that finds common ground with all the stakeholders. Also one that moves our profession in a positive way and keeps our members and the communities we protect and serve safe.

PORAC wishes to thank again Randy Perry and Aaron Read along with the ARA staff for their incredible work on getting us to this point. They worked tirelessly on this project plus working on all the other legislation we supported and opposed. We are blessed to have the very best advocates in the State of California working for us. On this issue, they showed us again why!

We owe a huge thank you to all the legal staff tied into PORAC for the work and effort on rebutting the ACLU’s legal opinions and their talking points. It has been invaluable in crafting our message to the elected leaders. With that said, the coalition of LE groups has worked exceptionally well on this fight.

Again, Brian Marvel, who in his first term as PORAC President is showing his leadership for the over 70,000 members of PORAC. This was a team effort all the way.

Latest Newsletter

A Message from the President, February 2019

SB230 PORAC Legislation

I have attached the below a link to this newsletter, as well as two bills, as a single PDF for all you to review. Late 2018 PORAC was able to defeat AB930. Many of you remember the bill from my August 2018 newsletter. The intent of this bill was taking the use of force decision making away from cops throughout the State of California. Assemblywoman Shirley Weber (San Diego) essentially wants a free society — meaning no law enforcement unless it is needed by the People of the State. Her bill then named AB931 reflected a substantial change to PC 835a.